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The Ragdoll cats are magical creatures. Their loud purr makes our anxiety and stress go away and we can easily relax after a day full of challenges. Simply we can let it all go and get rid of our worries. Ragdolls are characterized by infinite patience – they are not afraid of persistent cuddling, which our children tend to practice a lot!! Purringly enough, they emerge victorious from every snuggling battle – holding their tail high. 



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A cuddly companion with an irresistibly soft and snug coat

Calm and friendly, their super-soft fluffy coats and blue eyes mean that Ragdolls often resemble cuddly little teddy bears. They love human company and are very trusting – their name comes from their tendency to relax when held, making them great companions. Read on to find out more about their behaviour, characteristics and care.

Vital Stats


An average-size adult Ragdoll will be 23-28cm in height, weighing between 3.6-9.1kg


The breed has a semi long-haired, ‘plush’, silky coat (similar to rabbit’s fur) that requires regular grooming to prevent knots or tangles.


Ragdolls are a pointed breed (meaning they have a relatively pale body with darker markings on the face, ears, tail or legs). Colours include seal, chocolate, blue and lilac, with three pattern variations.

Life span:

Full maturity isn’t reached until four years of age and life expectancy is usually up to 15 years.

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