About us

Spooningcat is a small Ragdoll cattery in Virginia, Kittens are raised “under-foot” in my home as part of the family. All kittens are up to date on vaccinations and worming. All adults are FELV/FIV/PKD negative to assure you a healthy kitten.




Casesar came from China, Seal bicolor-white, large and strongly boned muscular body (16LB) , cheeks well developed, Muzzle of large length! he likes lay on my legs and kneading, my favorite boy!!


Denis came from Poland, silkly and semi-long coat, i like call him BHB:big head boy, high-mitted seal bicolor pattern, because his really really heartwarming behaviors. 

Our Queen

Creamy Lara

She is my favorite, large 、oval and deep blue, seal-bicolor, like play and lay on my leg like my daughter, she is perfect to us.

Maszko Lisa

She is our first ragdoll .Seal Point-White,  nice personality

Our Queen:Life NANA

She is Floppy ragdoll, pefect Fur and deep blue eye, Seal Mitted, she like sit on her backs and rollover from side to another, These cause Nana to birth gorgeous kittens.





Queen:Fairy Lynn

Blue bicolor Ragdoll, born 09/2021, cute face,floppy and silk coat, flat plane between the ears,medium size ears,

wide set and moderately flared,she is gorgeous.

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